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Valkyrion RPG book cover by DarkRedPhantomX Valkyrion RPG book cover by DarkRedPhantomX
The original watercolor painting of the RPG book cover for Armored Soldier Valkyrion available at This cover features the Striker Valkyrion.... I'm not so great at drawing machines... This is an original Mecha design made by me and the little guy walking besides the Machine is Van Sigma Spade of the Neo-Tactical Armored Corps.
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screenscan Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011   Interface Designer
this is very good


the side figure could be a little more contrasted, so that its better recognizable (without not-fitting to the rest of the picture). i think this is hard to achieve; but the figure is melting too much into the background i feel....maybe the clothes of her/him could have another color (while maintaning the light-mood, which is great)

i love the background

yet the mech (whiches design i dig, except from its hands) seems to light interms of lighting. i think it should be a little darker. maybe this feeling comes from the fact, that the fire is behind him and should cast more darkness/shadows onto his front.
the general mood seems to be nighty, so for me the mechs upper side should "reflect" that a little more. (in case the time is day , not night, i think you might brighten the ground and leave only exact shadows from mech and buildings..)

great work all in all
DarkRedPhantomX Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Professional Artist
Thank you for the comment. I've always really liked this picture besides the annoying things that I look back on now and want to fix. That and the scanner didn't seem to like my watercolor paper much so not only is the bottom figure tiny but also blurry from the slight warp of the paper. I was a bit afraid to put color on his uniform since his military branch's (NTAC) colors are olive drab and I figured it would blend too much with the fallen tree next to him. I guess he's wearing some kind of reflective suit or something.

You are right about the fire back there. It really should be casting light on the Valkyrion. All in all this picture would have benefited from better planning from the start now that I really look back at it.

I'm really happy to hear that you like the background. I really struggle to get backgrounds to look good, since I primarily draw designs of characters and things I don't practice much on backgrounds or think of them as an afterthought. With this painting I really struggled to give a war-torn world feeling with a sky so full of dirt and smoke that the sky is yellow in the daylight, yet, as the figure on the side shows with his relatively calm expression, this is every day in this world. Looking back at this I wonder if it is really a good idea to take such a hulking robot down a street that is so unstable... They must have some strong foundations under those streets for it not to fall in the sewers down below with it so beat-up already.
screenscan Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011   Interface Designer

ive got the same problems with background. the exact same prob.... :(
from time to time i take pictures into my faves that undergo thi problem by using some tricks in perspective, light or setting, so it seems there are placed in a real surrounding, but in truth creating "the whole world" behind them was relatively easy. (some are in the grand themes folder if you wanna look at what i mean)

cheers and keep it up (i will too :) )
Masasasaki Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
Wow, this is awesome! I love it!
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February 28, 2009
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