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January 13, 2012
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The Prince's Men by DarkRedPhantomX The Prince's Men by DarkRedPhantomX
Thank you for all of you who participated in the poll: Prince Mordred or Hades.... I've officially started calling the guy on the right Prince Mordred based on your votes.

These are random sketches from my sketch book that turned our decent but basically, my writer and I were discussing some kind of kingdom and after having extreme fun on Final Fantasy XI with my Dark Knight I decided that I needed a dark-looking hot prince with a big-ass scythe but he's a nice and romantic guy... Thus, Prince Mordred was born!

The little guy is Prince Mordred's brother but in a final version, I 'd like to make him blond and less emotional with light, almost glowing colors to contrast with his brother. He is the crowned prince, very intelligent but not much of a fighter.

The guy on top is some kind of Sorcerer... I thought he looked cool.
I spiced up this picture with my new feather brush on Photoshop... I should probably upload it... I have lots of fun with it.
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